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NetPub Education is a new division of NetPub/MCA company, an Award-winning digital printing company which recognized the need to provide the parent, homeschooler and teacher with accessible, high-quality, dynamic, enriching and fun content in all subject areas, from math and science to history and literature; Grades K to 12.

One of the challenges facing parents today is how to engage the young student in academic content so that they fully understand and enjoy it, rather than as a means to pass tests. This interaction with the material creates an enduring interest in subjects that will enhance all areas of life. For example, the “As It Was Series” is an interdisciplinary approach to World or American history which contains multi-curricular activities in social studies, science, math and the arts as they pertain to a particular history, such as Westward Expansion or Ancient Egypt, to name a few. This unique full-dimensional approach enhances involvement and critical thinking. All of our books, teaching guides, study guides and educational games help tap into a student’s curiosity and desire to learn while strengthening their essential skills and knowledge.

Our website makes ordering easy. All of our books and games are printed and assembled in the United States which facilitates shipping them out quickly. So, whether you are a teacher, a parent, a distributor or a bookstore, we look forward to being your go-to supplier for engaging educational materials.